New Annex 1 (draft) impact on Equipment Design. Flexibility regarding RABS or ISOLATORS

Modérateur A3P : Vincent GRIFFOUL 
Animateurs : Jean-François DULIERE - TechnipFMC & Frank LEHLE - Vetter

The objective of this workshop is to compare efficiency of RABS and ISOLATORS in regard to quality and business aspects. With the help of a case study by a new innovative technology V-CRT® = Vetter clean room technology discussing when it is useful to implement a RABS or and ISOLATOR filling line for aseptic applications. Particularly in regard to the new requirements of the Annex 1 through this workshop, attendee will be able to understand the benefit of combining the advantages of isolators and RABS systems. Attendee will be able to make the right decision for choosing the corresponding technology.

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